The term dramaturg can be referred to as the art or technique of dramatic composition and theatrical representation. Once a composition is made, by simply following it in certain format, one is able to perform a piece in a specific manner that gives out a clear message to audiences.

The texts addresses Brecht’s model in relation to writing, critiquing, evaluating and imagining a new future for theatre. With the advancement of this field, there is a lot to come and grow to even make this field better. It also focuses on a political stand which elaborates issues through a theatrical perspective. Passing on messages through theatre is on the rise and has a greater impact to people receiving the information. Moreover, making dramaturg into a dance context opens many possibilities of interpretation, and invites a greater spectrum of people interested in dance to involve themselves it in.

This term resonated with me in a unique perspective as I was able to imagine myself being a dramatist. Expressing myself through different types of dance forms such as Hip-Hop, Salsa, Breakdance and many more. It is fascinating how my body can adjust to the different forms of dance as each require a different feel and mood to it. For example, Salsa brings about a more sensual feeling to the audience whereas a dance genre like breakdance gives off a very rigid and firm vibe to an audience. Being able to manipulate such dances to present a certain feeling and mood I find unique.