To perceive someone or something as doing or being a particular thing is your opinion that they do this thing or that they are that thing. In other words, it is to become aware of something using one of the sense, especially that of sight. Cambridge dictionary defines perception as, “to come to an opinion about something, or have a belief about something” It is noticing someone or something that is obvious.

Perception in Katherine Profeta’s Dramaturgy in Motion book shows what audiences to perceive from a set of choices. Not only it shows desirability but also arose in mysterious fashion. Profeta has stated in her book, “The implication was that he perceived what was ‘new’ each time in relation to what was the same” Itineration of dramaturgical motions creates multiple perceptions for a similar task which is the behavior of perception.

“Every movement is a dance” is a verse from a traditional rapper in my country, Ethiopia. Before taking Aakash’s class about how every movement means something meaningful, this quote was always in my mind but couldn’t reflect it out. If audiences are open minded to perceive things around all our movements in our daily life are dance, as we have discussed it in class. Perception shows how dance is integrated into our daily routine, how movement can be a language without words. That is why I found ”perception” an interesting word in showing how movement makes meaning.

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