January 7th Session 3

I asked Ivy to also take notes during the dance class but I sent her back on stage soon after the warm ups were over.

Aakash began by putting on “Teardrop” by José Gonzalez.  Everyone knew to get on stage to begin the warm up and for the first time, everyone came on time.  Some began sun salutations right away and Aakash asks how everyone’s body is holding up.  The group doesn’t really respond and then Aakash shares that he has a sore back muscle.

Tells everyone to hold hands high and stretch.  Create distances in your mind.

Taking energy in.  Rolling down on an eight count.

Crawl and roll


Push up

Roll back

Roll upright

Now repeat with loose body motions.

BREATHE!!!  Eight count diminishes.  Same sequence.  Now faster – finally ends in a 1/2 count. UPS THE AMPLIFICATION. MUSIC BLARES!!

Shake out hands. Tap the body.  WAKE UP!!

I watch for who looks at others.  Who is self conscious.  Who watches and merely executes, who looks for how intent is manifested in the movememt.

Hands on hips.  Hip roll.  Bend and hang.  Yaozhong is struggling with the fluidity but he looks like he’s trying how to translate that into his body.   Lunge.  Foot flex.

This warm up seems like a very traditional yoga class.  Wide squat.  BREATHE. Back bend kneeling.  Gabi gets it!  All the men have difficulty with the back bend open heart position.  Is this a gender thing?

Are there divides in this group even among gender lines?  Men have difficutly with the sitting forward bend.

At the end of the warm up, Aakash goes through the entire sequence and then asks everyone to try and perform it from memory without him leading it.  I wonder who will ask for help?  Then Aakash asks the back to move to the front and for the first time, I see Yaozhong dance with a smile.  Maybe being seen is enjoyable?


Walking meditation.

Story about the kidneys.  Music switches to Crazy by Beyoncé.  Energy and excitement changes. Then we do the back and forth with two groups on stage right and left.  Aakash reminds everyone to breathe.

Hand gestures.  Protect the heart – ball of energy – crack the coconut – up – wraps around – up – down and up again. Trail hand, open.

I get so absorbed in the hand gestures and the sequences that I forget to write.