Hybridity refers to the act of combining different elements or being of mixed character. Cultural hybridity then implies a mixture of a set of traits that are made up of distinct cultural entities.  It is strongly related to themes of interculturalism, and post-colonial theory. In performance, cultural hybridity is present when the piece is a merger of elements from contrasting cultures and ideals. Since dance is an expression identity, and we live in a highly globalized world, hybridity is very relevant to dance today.

In Dramaturgy in Motion, Catherine Profeta describes the importance of hybridity when discussing interculturalism. Firstly, hybridity was difficult to avoid particularly in Ralph’s rehearsal rooms of the piece Geography due to its inherent mixture of American and West African dance styles. Questions of appropriation and the hybrid nature of the United Stated became apparent. Hybridity is able to address the questions as it incorporates the ideas of pushing back against categorization made by colonial power structures and the ideas of this lack of categorization being a bi-product of the domination of these power structures.

These questions struck in my mind as I realized that we are in a point in society where assimilation and hybridity is integral. I come from a society where a multitude of cultures and blended and while we can be seen as a land of appropriation and see it has diffusion – the creation of something beautiful. It also tied back into the concept of research mentioned in the previous chapters as the opportunity to use current information on and off the strange to create something innovative and refreshing. I see my country in a similar way. I see hybridity as the threshold of creativity and therefore very important to dance and all other forms of art.

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