Fluidity is defined as the ‘quality of being likely to change repeatedly and unexpectedly,’according to the Cambridge English dictionary. Katherine Profeta uses this definition of fluidity in her book, ‘Dramaturgy in Motion: at work on Dance and Movement Performance,’ to explain the dynamic and evolving role of a dramaturg. She argues that we should define dramaturgs by ‘how flexibly they contribute to a work’s evolution'(14) rather than attempting to decipher the ultimate definition of the role of a dramaturg.

Profeta uses an evolutionary and biological perspective to justify the fluidity of a dramaturg’s role. She uses Mark Bly’s work to analogize the role of a dramaturg as ‘both a “one-for-two” arrangement (one organ performing two functions), where a dramaturg performs multiple roles and a “two-for-one” arrangement (one function performed by two organs), where a single role is shared by the dramaturg(and another member of the production team)’(13) Profeta recounts Bly’s description that ‘any evolutionary process would be filled with moments of overlap between the two arrangements and this overlap is instrumental in achieving complexity,'(13)the idea that even the role of a dramaturg consists of this evolutionary overlap between the two arrangements conveys that the dimensions of a dramaturg’s role have not been completely defined yet. Bly suggests that ,’(13) however, I understood Profeta’s response and suggestion to be slightly different. She suggests that we should recognize the fluidity, redundancy and flexibility created by the overlap of the two arrangements in the dramaturg’s role and enjoy the artistic processes and outcomes that develop from this situation. An embracement of this evolutionary series and fluidity could potentially lead to the widening of the creative spectrum of theater.

I chose fluidity as my key word because of its’ importance in today’s globalized world; being flexible and ‘fluid’ is almost necessary to thrive in a society that is filled with travel, diversity and rapid change. As the spectrum of occupations and professions develop day by day, it was interesting to recognize an occupation or professional role such as a dramaturg’s that thrives on fluidity.


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