Risk can be defined as a situation that involves an exposure to danger. The term danger is very relative as it can mean something else at different moments or situations. Danger can either mean a physical harm, an emotion or even a mental harm. It truly depends on how an individual reacts to risk at that moment. It can also have a positive connation as it sometimes forces an individual to discover something about that might aid them grow as a person.


Profeta addresses that risk is a great gamble in dance as it can result to embarrassment, frustration, disruption of lives and even disapproval. Moreover, it can lead to injuries to the body. Although, Profeta believes that risk is an essential creative tool, as it forces the artist to venture out of their comfort zone and this in turn increases creativity of performances. Profeta also mentions how her job encouraged Ralph towards the space of risk. She highly commends how he was able to put himself in risky situations throughout in order to really measure what he could demonstrate with his body. She admires how he is able to dive into situations filled with risk and come out victorious. She personally finds it difficult to put herself out there as she would use her position as a choreographer to pass on the risk to her performers.  


Risk describes so many things in my life. Firstly, as a performer, despite the fact that I have been performing for years, each performance always seems like a new one. All that tingly sensation in my stomach is present with every performance I have. I believe I have only learnt how to cope with this fear by making sure it does not affect my performance. People assume that having such a great background in dance makes it easier to perform on stage, but unfortunately, I don’t think it is as easy as they presume. However, with this risk, conquering it head-on brings about a great feeling of accomplishment at the end. In Greece, I believe we will be risking ourselves by going out the camps, addressing people we have never met before about what dance means to them. It will be uncomfortable at first, but this is definitely the only way for us to grow as individuals by stepping out of our comfort zone. It will certainly be a memorable experience.

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