General Observation:                                                                                             

Everyone started off by stretching; while some were really into it, others were talking among each other – an interesting dynamic and share of energy.

Once Aakash began the class with breathing and Kathak exercises, everyone’s focus shifted to the present moment and space, creating a calm and meditative atmosphere. Almost as though everyone was in sync, not necessarily physically in their movements, but more so subconsciously.


Wave-like, fluid motions: everyone slowly began to open up and let loose, interacting with one another through movements and gestures. Basically “communicating without words” (Aakash). At this moment, the atmosphere shifted to more fun and playful – but the positivity and focus remained.

Letting loose










Kathak steps: regardless of previous dance experience, most people have taken to this new dance form, and were almost in coordination (though some were still copying the person next to them).

Reaching for the tree
Reaching for the tree









Words by Aakash on resistance:

“As my wave goes down, my energy travels in the opposite direction.”

“An intention of being mindful of opposition and how it adds a different quality or texture to our dance.”

“Every liquid has a different quality. Imagine yourselves as honey.”


Through the warm-up exercise, people seemed to become more comfortable with one another, the space and their own bodies – thus less aware and affected by a third person observing them.