Warm Up With Aakash

Our time at the Eleonas Camp was truly “ammaazing”. By the end of the visit ‘our babies’ as we started to call them had learned choreographies to Rolex, Chammak Challo and Thunder. In turn, they had shown us dances for Despacito, Mr Policeman and Whip Nae Nae. We also shared stories and built bonds that cannot be severed by time because these children have been immortalised in our minds. These children like us have their whole lives ahead of them. These children like us love music and dance and laughter. These children like us at their age, are full of wonder and enthusiasm to the world. These children like every individual had different experiences and pasts. – tougher? Yes! challenging? Most definitely. Yet we share more in common with them that one would think. We are all people no matter of differences. We may not be able to follow the same road. We may have very different pasts and futures. nevertheless , those brief moments when our paths overlap, the present is truly a gift and the only time we can control. My advice? Make memories, share laughs and simply live in the moment.