Acceptance is the act of consenting to receive something that is offered. Focusing on an individual’s acceptance, it falls under the realm of judging their adequacy, their validity and whether this can make them conform to the norms. Acceptance is a scale, and controls it. One’s acceptance can either be based on their character or […]


Risk can be defined as a situation that involves an exposure to danger. The term danger is very relative as it can mean something else at different moments or situations. Danger can either mean a physical harm, an emotion or even a mental harm. It truly depends on how an individual reacts to risk at […]


  This term can be defined as a piece of art that is created without preparation. It focuses on a wide range of art forms such as music, drama, dance and many more. It is usually referred to creating or composing something on the fly. There is a common misconception that improvisation is random or […]


The term mourning can be defined as the expression of deep sorrow that shows pain. It is usually dedicated to someone who has passed away. It can be expressed through many forms, such as crying. Whereas, others can express their pain and shock through wailing out loud, and on the other end of the spectrum, […]


The common understanding of the term refugee can be referred to an individual who has been forced out of their country in order to survive a calamity. They end up residing in another country, but this is nothing that they can call home. For most refugees, they end up living in camps that entail a […]


The term dramaturg can be referred to as the art or technique of dramatic composition and theatrical representation. Once a composition is made, by simply following it in certain format, one is able to perform a piece in a specific manner that gives out a clear message to audiences. The texts addresses Brecht’s model in […]