Transgressive is the word that really caught my attention while reading Danielle Goldman’s book “I Want to be Ready”. It is defined as anything that involves the . This term tends to change with different cultures, religions and parts of the world so it is very possible that if some act is regarded as transgressive […]

Trance Dance

The word trance, as defined in the Oxford Dictionary, is a ‘’. . This dance is performed in many ways but the most common feature that this dance involves is fire.  Katherine Profeta introduces the trance dance in her book ‘Dramaturgy in Motion’ when she shares an example from her life to put forward the implication […]

Concept Guard

While reading Dramaturgy in Motion, the phrase “concept guard” really caught my attention. The idea of concept guard is very similar to that of controlled media in which an authority or a powerful organization can control and manipulate what is being presented through these modes of communication. These concept guards can ensure a biased presentation […]