The body is the physical framework of an animal, dead or alive. It is inclusive of the bones, flesh and organs. In the Fragments of the European Refugee Criss: Performing Displacement and the Re-Shaping of Greek Identity, Zervou explains that the refugees in Greece who do not speak Greek only have their bodies as their […]


To romanticise is to portray something in an unrealistic or exaggerated manner, making it more appealing or mysterious than it really is. To romanticise is not to be confused with the . In art and literature, romanticisation can be problematic, especially if something or someone is falsely presented. In Dramaturgy in Motion, Ralph expressed his […]


Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another individual. It can be viewed as putting oneself in the shoes of another. In Dramaturgy in Motion, Profeta uses the term kinaesthetic empathy, an empathy that arises through motion. The idea of kinaesthetic empathy states that the way an individual is able to […]


Indecipherable describes a piece of language that is difficult or impossible to understand or attain meaning from. It can be  defined as not being able to be read or understood. Something that is not understandable and not possible to deduce what the words or language are about. In Dramaturgy in Moton, Jones stated that Paxton […]


Oscillation has multiple definitions in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. . In the context of Dramaturgy in Motion, oscillation is the fluctuation between two states. Profeta describes oscillation as the constant state of a dramaturg. Firstly, it can be seen through their role descriptors. Many find the idea of the dramaturg acting as an “advocate for the […]


Suicide is the act of killing oneself intentionally and voluntarily. According to the American Psychological Association,. In Arendt’s We Refugees, she explains how the first non-religious Jews persecuted, answered with suicide. Unlike the non-religious Jews, the pious Jews considered suicide an unthinkable act, “” (p.112). According to the pious Jews, one who commits suicide establishes […]