“Undocumented” and “illegal” are the words that are the most closely related to “immigrant” in Fragments of the European Refuge Crisis by Natalie Zervou. These words seems to add another layer to the definition of immigrant on the Oxford Dictionaries, which is The word immigrants seemed to sound less than “a person”, or, “a human”, […]


In Dramaturgy in Motion, Katherine Profeta defines risk as the, and stated that the risks of intercultural collaborations can be the chance of embarrassment, frustration, disruption of lives, disapproval from those in one’s own cultural background, and, of course, physical risk. In the chapter Interculturalism, Profeta talks about the nature of risk in theatre work […]


Vocabulary, according to the Oxford Dictionaries, is . In Dramaturgy in Motion, Katherine Profeta also mentioned “movement vocabularies”, and these vocabularies, as she clarified, . She explains how knowing these vocabularies open up new things for ourselves to be aware of. She used the vocabularies of Laban’s system as an example of how vocabulary (142) […]


Katherine Profeta has given two definitions of the word research in Dramaturgy in Motion in the chapter Research. The first definition is, and the aim is to organize existing information according to already established means of understanding. That material compiled then becomes ‘research’, the noun.” The second definition is , and as Profit has put […]


Redundancy refers to. According to Katherine Profeta in Dramaturgy in Motion, the role of a dramaturg in dance and theater is redundant and overlapping to many existing roles like the director, choreographer, critic, producer, etc. This redundancy, as Profeta states, However, Katherine Profeta uses a quote from Heldegard De Vuyst and an example of Mark […]


The word “Optimism”, according to the definition from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus, is. In general, it has positive connotations being an admirable quality of people that brings positive effects to one’s mental state. It is used to describe the tendency and ability of people who are in hard situations to be hopeful […]