Disappear is defined as according to the Merriam Webster dictionary and is used quite powerfully in this paper. Although used scarcely, its subtle yet strong use was quite distinct and represented the harsh reality of the immigrant crisis in Europe and the seemingly common national European perspective towards the crisis. The paper begins with a […]


Risk is quite an expansive term as it could have a variety of definitions in different scenarios. For example, Merriam-Webster defines risk as an “ while Katherine Profeta defines risk as “a departure from a comfort zone.” (201) Profeta’s definition of risk slightly differs from the general definition above due to the context that she […]

Cultural Affiliation

In this assignment, I chose a term, rather than one keyword, that was used in Profeta’s final chapter, Interculturalism. In order to introduce a general definition to the term, I will break down the word into its’ two distinct parts; culture is defined as according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, while affiliate is defined as Hence […]


Katherine Profeta’s second chapter focuses on the connection between research and the role of the dramaturg. In her portrayal of the relationship between the two, she breaks down the definition of the term ‘research’ quite profoundly; she dissects the word into two categories, as ‘ (62) and as (63). This precise dissection of the word […]


A refugee is defined as a ’according to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary. However, in Agamben’s ‘We Refugees,’ The refugee is conveyed as a symbol through which it is He also presents the idea that the status of the refugee is usually expected to be temporary that should The use of the term ‘refugee’ in Agamben’s […]


Fluidity is defined as the according to the Cambridge English dictionary. Katherine Profeta uses this definition of fluidity in her book, ‘Dramaturgy in Motion: at work on Dance and Movement Performance,’ to explain the dynamic and evolving role of a dramaturg. She argues that we should define dramaturgs by ‘how flexibly they contribute to a […]