Taner Gungor

Taner has been dancing since he was 8 years old and has continued dancing ever since. He started with Turkish folk dance in elementary school and continued all the way to his first years few years in college. He only moved to modern dance after changing to a more compatible but equally prominent college in […]


In current years Greece has fallen victim to both a financial and a refugee crisis. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, (online). This phenomenon, is considered a crisis to European states as it has brought on a time of difficulty filled with analytical, ethical and political challenges. Crisis is an underlying term that is found […]


. [/tome_reference]The term is generally associated with the absence of deliberation. In the arts, it is seen in performance showing the skill and creativity of the artist be it in music, dance or theater or any form of art that can be perceived by an audience. In I Want to be Ready by Danielle Goldman […]


. .  It is strongly related to themes of interculturalism, and post-colonial theory. In performance, cultural hybridity is present when the piece is a merger of elements from contrasting cultures and ideals. Since dance is an expression identity, and we live in a highly globalized world, hybridity is very relevant to dance today. In Dramaturgy […]


. In terms of the performing arts, the dramaturg is sometimes presented as the audience’s advocate. However, this concept is highly debated as critics wonder whether the dramaturg is truly the advocate as then cannot really know thoroughly the people for whom they are acting . Nevertheless, the dramaturg is closest to the audience as […]


 The tasks of the choreographer have changed with the introduction of dramaturgy with there being a more reflective approach to creating the performance. . In the text Dramaturgy in Motion, the role of the choreographer is discussed in terms of the shifts that have been made due to dramaturgy. While before the choreographer was seen […]


. To be free can be directly ties to the term agency. There is not a set way to define agency as with most anthropological concepts it is relative.   Therefore if an individual cannot fully express their true selves and show their whole identity, they are essentially not free. In the text by Hannah Arendt, […]