Legal limbo

(175). In Bodies of Silence and Resilience: Writing Marginality Natalie Zervou explores the relationship between the concept of Greek national identity as “an appropriation of ancient Greek glorifies ideas” and the marginalization process in the country. Accordingly to the scholar, the reason why under-represented communities such as, for instance, homeless people and immigrants are being […]


The word “crisis” has its roots in Greek word krisis, which is translated as “decision”. In English, Oxford dictionary defines crisis as both . That is an unsafe situation in which an urgent and important decision has to be made. Ironically, “crisis” is the word with which global society describe the situation that has happened […]


In Danielle Goldman’s I Want To Be Ready scholar examines improvisation in dance. Accordingly to the author improvisation is . That is, explored in the context of dance practices, improvisation is the simultaneous action of performance and composition. As I understood it from the thick introduction description, the central question the book is attempting the […]


In the second and the third chapters of Dramaturgy in Motion: At Work on Dance and Movement Performance, Katherine Profeta speaks about research and audience, and how these two constructions relate to dance dramaturgy. While these two parts are seemingly different in their aspects, they might be united by one in the concept of knowledge. […]


In our modern days, global society faces an urgent “refugees problem,” which have appeared to be an important issue in the middle of the twentieth century and still remains relevant nowadays. When refugee situation arises, it is important to agree on the meaning behind the word refugee, for different scholars add different shades to the […]


Katherine Profeta’s Dramaturgy in Motion: At Work On Dance and Movement Performance centers on the dramaturgy. To begin with, it is really hard to give the general definition of dramaturgy drawing upon the writer’s work, for it presents various definitions from different field professionals (Gotthold Ephraim Lessing or Bertolt Brecht, for instance) and looks on […]